Mason Grove

I am Mason Grove. I was born and raised in the twin cities, and have lived in South Central Minnesota since 2011. I have been learning and practicing primitive skills since I was about 8 years old. When I was 18 I took my first primitive skills class at the world renowned Tracker school in New Jersey. I have taken several classes there and at other schools since then and have been teaching primitive skills since early 2012. In 2016 I bought a small plot of forested land on the edge of the Minnesota River valley, where I teach classes and a building an eco-friendly efficient Strawbale house.

I have practiced primitive survival in south central Minnesota, northern Minnesota, The Virgin Islands, The Cascades, the Appalachians, the Ozarks, the Arizona desert and mountains, and the New Jersey pine barrens. I have a Girlfriend, a son, a dog, a cat, a python, and chickens. It is my goal in life to teach these skills to as many people as possible, because I believe the more people who know these skills, the closer people will live to the earth, and the better off we will be as a society. I also believe that these are the skills people will need to survive sometime in the not so distant future.

Mason Grove Mason Grove Mason Grove Mason Grove